Technologies and Industries

We have the education, legal experience, and technical expertise to understand the complex technical and legal issues presented by our clients’ matters. These skills enable us to persuasively advocate on behalf of our clients in a variety of technical disciplines. Our experience spans a broad array of fields, including the life sciences, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.

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Representative Technologies
Medical Devices – Our experience with medical devices, imaging modalities, and laboratory instrumentation ranges from walkers to implants, contraceptive devices, and 3D bio-printing. We’re familiar with a wide range of health and medical issues, providing important perspective and experience when addressing our clients’ needs.
Chemical, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Materials – NRVIP Law professionals are well versed in a wide range of chemical patents — from insecticides and pet products to antibiotics and cosmetics.
Communications and Software – Working near a university and in a highly-wired area, it’s no surprise we’ve worked with clients creating cutting-edge mesh network platforms, virtual and augmented reality systems, and control systems for industrial processes.
Mechanical and Design Patents – From sporting goods and games, to clothing and chemical ordnance bags, the professionals at NRVIP Law have widely varied experience in obtaining mechanical and design patents.
Optoelectronics – We are well-versed in LED technologies, including bulbs, lighting strips, and control modules.
Electrical, Energy and VehiclesFrom combustion engines to nuclear power, NRVIP law has worked with a range of engineering firms and companies.
Industrial Applications, Tools and Construction – Stone veneer systems, such as M-Rock®, cranes, and optical probes are just a few of our industrial patent filings.
Agriculture, Food and BeveragesNRVIP Law professionals have handled patent filings for plants, seasonings, beverages, and other associated items.