Prioritized Exam (Track One)

Thanks to the patented waistband pocket design in RaesWearTM activewear, women are free to run — marathons or errands. The patented design features an interior, concealed pocket in the waistband portion of the activewear. Whether pants, shorts, skirts, tights or capris, this unique design provides the wearer a convenient place to store small items such as a phone, keys, money, a driver’s license, an mp3 player and other necessities.

“NRVIP Law chose expedited exam (Track One) and a patent issued just under 2 years from filing. Prioritized exam can lead to faster issuance of a patent, and while patent pending status is usually a positive factor in  obtaining the interest of investors and potential licensees, having an issued patent can seal the deal.” — Michele Mayberry

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