Representative Portfolio

The professionals at New River Valley IP Law, PC have drafted and prosecuted hundreds of provisional, utility, PCT, design, and foreign patent applications. Included here are representative applications from various industries our professionals have been involved with, as well as a sampling of several trademark applications handled by us.

7765790 Stationary Mechanical Engines and Subsonic Jet Engines Using Supersonic Gas Turbines

7779850 Anti-Tipping Device for Walkers

7972040 LED Lamp Assembly

8003856 Low Phytic Acid, Low Stachyose, High Sucrose Soybean Lines

8072091 Methods, Systems, and Devices for Energy Generation

8129428 Insecticidal Carbamates Exhibiting Species-selective Inhibition of Acetylcholinesterase (AChE)

8272529 Plural Chamber Drinking Cup

8366124 Convertible Beach Cart

8371089 Modular Building System

8397974 Self-reacting Friction Stir Welding Tool with the Ability to Add Filler Material

8465484 Irreversible Electroporation Using Nanoparticles

8474619 Unitary Gift Card Box

8482906 Harsh Environment Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Enclosure

8483351 Cardiac Computed Tomography Methods and Systems Using Fast Exact/Quasi-exact Filtered Back Projection Algorithms

8632850 Friction Fabrication Tools

8648735 Safety Directional Indicator

8686868 Container Handler Alignment System and Method

8718881 Fuel Efficient Crane System

8752900 Modular Chair

8798722 Fiber Array for Optical Imaging and Therapeutics

D603461 Interconnecting Tessellated Game Tile

D608937 Reading Lamp

D666424 Chair

20100283022 Modular Railing Systems with Cellular PVC Panels

20100302789 LED Light Source Module and Method for Producing the Same

20110009478 Theranostic Polycation Beacons Comprising Oligoethyleneamine Repeating Units and Lanthanide Chelates

20110191662 Travel Guides Formed by Aggregation of Location-aware Content from Multiple Publishers Through a Unified iInterface

20120008542 Distributed Ad Hoc Mesh Network Protocol for Underground Mine and Hazardous Area Communications

20120193309 Flexible Mounting System for Electronic Devices

WO2013025615 Beverage Bits

WO2013063336 Regioselectively Substituted Cellulose Esters and Efficient Methods of Preparing Them

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