Tim Nolan

Tim Nolan


IP Prosecution (Patent)

Life Sciences; Medical Devices

Tim Nolan, M.S., is a patent agent at New River Valley IP Law, and provides services in the areas of patent application preparation, patent prosecution, and patent searches. Mr. Nolan prepares and prosecutes patent applications representing a wide range of technical disciplines/industries, including biotechnology (e.g. diabetes therapeutics), medical device (e.g. irreversible electroporation of tumors), computer software, computer-implemented business methods, mechanical engineering (e.g. friction stir fabrication), electrical engineering (e.g. optoelectronics, control systems), construction (e.g. panel veneer systems, modular walls), oil and gas, chemistry, as well as simple mechanical inventions.

Mr. Nolan has more than eight years of experience in the intellectual property arena encompassing patent searching, opinion work, technology transfer, consulting, and patent preparation and prosecution. Mr. Nolan has handled intellectual property from universities, federal laboratories, and corporations through employment with two technology transfer organizations (WVHTC Foundation, National Technology Transfer Center) and two biotechnology companies (Intrexon, Phase-1 Molecular Toxicology). On a volunteer basis and through SCORE Association, Mr. Nolan has assisted small businesses with IP strategies.


M.S., Environmental Toxicology, Cornell University
B.S., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Rochester


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office